The Role of Public Funds in Supporting the Arts: What Do You Think?

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: This past Sunday, April 23, the CBS Sunday Morning Show included a segment called “For Art’s Sake: When Funding the NEA Is in Jeopardy.” The segment spotlights an arts program in Appalachia, and what could happen to it if the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) loses its funding, as currently proposed […]

The Arts – Vital to Education, Human Rights and Human Potential

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: April is National Poetry Month, a celebration of the importance of poetry to our culture that the Academy of American Poets initiated in 1996. Why should we care about poetry, or, for that matter, any art form? Why do the arts matter? Why is the right to freely participate in […]

Arroyo High School Poets Speak

As part of last year’s presentation “Fight to Unite, Unite to Fight,” student participants in Arroyo High School’s Future Leaders of Social Change academy shared their words on the subject of equality. Here’s Yennhi Le on Statistics. Here’s Sabrina Apodaca on Women and Men: We Are Equal.

Consider This: Human Rights Locally Ripple Globally

Consider This: Human Rights Locally Ripple Globally

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: It feels as if we’re being battered by a Category 5 hurricane of shifting, conflicting visions of American values and priorities. Adding to the turmoil: major challenges in accessing truthful, accurate information. We’ve compiled some resources for evaluating information, particularly from online sources, as well as how to effectively communicate […]

Rex Foundation Newsletter: The Answer of Art

From 2013: The Rex Foundation newsletter offers perspective from Mickey Hart and Sarah Crowell on why the arts are essential for daily life and for solving societal problems. Read/download now!  

Before You Act, Do This

With Internet-based media as an ever-increasing source of information, it is challenging to determine what is factually based data and news rather than inflammatory language and images designed to manipulate our responses. Vital to our ability to actively participate in democratic processes, as spelled out in Article 21 of the UDHR, is that we act on […]

Resources to Be Well Informed

Article 21 of the UDHR holds: (1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. (2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country. (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; […]

Human Rights As Seeds of Justice

Oxford Dictionary Definition of Justice: (Noun) Fair behavior or treatment. The quality of being fair and reasonable. The administration of the law or authority in maintaining this fairness. TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: The news, domestic and international, is filled with stories of terrible injustices and tensions that threaten stable peace. Meanwhile, social media posts […]

Human Dignity As the Heart of Human Rights

Human Dignity As the Heart of Human Rights

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: A recent article in the New York Times described how Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom, historically governed in semi-theocracy and by monarchs, is now opening its first law school as part of advancing its first generation as a democracy. Of particular interest to me was the description of how a law […]

Why Are the Arts Essential for Human Rights Education?

As part of this year’s Institute, we asked participants to think about why the arts are so important in teaching about human rights, and then to give us their thoughts. They wrote each idea on a paper leaf; then we filled the branches of a tree of human rights, created during the Institute, with the leaves. […]