2016 Rite of Passage Culminating Ceremony: Watch the Videos

We’re delighted to share this collection of videos from the Rite of Passage Culminating Ceremony at REACH on May 20, 2016!

High School Community Action Project Strives to Engage Students in Their Education

As part of our discussions about Article 3, the right to life, liberty, and security of person, several Rite of Passage participants felt strongly about having a greater sense of personal security in their schools. They went on to develop a Community Action Program is to help identify ways to improve relations between students and teachers so […]

‘Facts of Life’: Delving Deeper into Article 3

Following up on our earlier post about the REACH Rite of Passage group’s study of UDHR Article 3, the right to life, liberty, and security of person, here’s an update on their Community Action Project related to police issues.  They decided to create an event at REACH to generate more positive connections between the youth and the Sheriff’s Office […]

More From Balboa High School: The Importance of Human Rights

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: We were so pleased to get the following message from Jill Smith about how her class at Balboa High School felt as a result of learning about human rights. Hi Sandy, I wanted to share something wonderful with you!  As you know, I was eager to teach about human rights […]

Continuing Relevance of the UDHR: More Thoughts

Since we asked about whether—and, if so, how—knowing about human rights mattered in today’s world, we’ve received some thoughtful, and thought-provoking, responses. Here are some insights shared by Bob Groves of Philadelphia:   Thanks for asking this question. I believe it matters greatly. For the last four years I have been teaching a course I call “Human Rights in […]

Balboa High School Students: Does Knowing About the UDHR Matter?

Read this update from Balboa High School TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: In April, we sent out an email to our community of colleagues and supporters asking for input on how knowing about the UDHR matters in addressing issues today, as posted here. Jill Smith, a 10th grade English teacher at Balboa High School, who attended […]

UDHR Article 3 Guides Rite of Passage Community Action Projects

During the first sessions of The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH Rite of Passage Program, we introduce the participants to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) sod they become familiar with the document and its history. And, as part of considering the continuing relevance of the UDHR, we note how the […]

Crime and Punishment From a Human Rights Perspective:
The German Experience

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: When I watched the April 3rd segment called “Crime and Punishment” I was struck by the human rights approach taken by the German prison officials in administering their rehabilitation-first practices for all prisoners.  I believe this segment offers perspective on how seeing people as human beings, no matter what situations they […]

Human Trafficking and the UDHR

On Monday, April 4th, Genice Jacobs of presented information on human trafficking to The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH Rite of Passage class.   This special session was the result of work done in previous sessions, in which participants  identified issues in the community that they felt needed to be addressed in order to realize UDHR Article […]

Consider This:<br>How Does Knowing About the UDHR Matter?

Consider This:
How Does Knowing About the UDHR Matter?

Dear Friends and Colleagues: I’d like to know your thoughts on an issue that’s been on my mind more than ever lately. Just after the Brussels terrorist attack, I received an email from a friend who worried that fear-mongering, especially directed at specific groups of people, would worsen already challenging situations. He wondered how to […]