Media and articles about the Program; Reflections by participating students and teachers on their experiences with the Program.

New Series: Relevance of the UDHR Today

The World As It Could Be – A Declaration of Human Rights, presented at Balboa High School on December 8, 2006, was the first production where the participating youth, through their thoughtful and creative expressions, provided insights about the significance […]

The Story of Human Rights

The Story of Human Rights

Watch the short film The Story of Human Rights from, which offers a excellent overview of how a sense of human rights developed over the course of history and was eventually enshrined in the UDHR–and then goes on to […]

The World As It Could Be:
Tree Ceremony Excerpts

On March 10, 2010, the Rex Foundation dedicated the Tree Sculpture, commissioned as part of the 2007/08 original performance of The World As It Could Be-Where There’s A Will There’s A Way, to be permanently housed at Balboa High School. […]