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The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program (TWAICB) is an outgrowth of a series of successful initiatives carried out since 2006 to inspire people of all ages to take actions, large and small, that lead to equality, justice and dignity for all. These initiatives use the creative arts to deepen learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); they give participating youth the voice to teach their peers and adults about the importance of the UDHR principles.

TWAICB Curriculum and Resource Guide


As part of our efforts to bring attention to the UHDR and its continuing relevance, we have created, and continue to develop Resources that aim to help people take effective action in their most immediate circles in connection with one or more of the UDHR Articles.

Resources to Help Bring Meaning of the UDHR Close to Home
Human Rights Education at Home: Virtual HRE Lessons and Activities
Reading List with Activities & Learning Outcomes

Our Work in Use

Teaching Guide on Racial Justice by Examining the Right to Vote and Participate in One’s Government

The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program

Teaching […]

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TWAICB Curriculum & Institute Information

About the UDHR & HRE
Instructional Materials
TWAICB Rite of Passage Curriculum

Initiatives & Perspectives

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