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2018-19 Rite of Passage Culminating Presentation, Arroyo High School

May 29, 2019
2018-19 Rite of Passage at Arroyo High School, Culminating Presentation: Wellness is Healthy for Everyone.

2019 Event: Reclaiming Dignity


2018 Arroyo High School Townhall

2018 TWAICB Institute:
Small Places Close to Home

2017-18 Rite of Passage:
Know your rights to unite for what’s right!


2017 Arroyo High School Townhall

2017 TWAICB Institute Culminating Presentation

2016-17 Arroyo High School Rite of Passage (ROP) Culminating Presentation


2016 Arroyo High School Townhall

2016 TWAICB Institute Culminating Presentation

2015-2016 REACH Rite of Passage

2015 Arroyo High School UDHR Townhall: Be Yourself, Find Your Voice, Take A Stand

2015-16 The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH

TWAICB’s First 10 Years


2015 Human Rights assembly at Balboa High School, San Francisco

2015 TWAICB Summer Institute

2015 The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH

2015 The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH Excerpts

Poetic Justice

Rosemary Blanchard on Human Rights Education


2014 Arroyo High School Townhall

2014 TWAICB Summer Institute

2014 Oregon Country Fair

Newsletter Interview Excerpts

Newsletter Interview Excerpts: Perspectives on Social Change

“Poetic Justice”: Robert Goddard Montessori Middle School, Maryland


Rites of Passage

Filmmaker Frederick Marx talks about rites of passage.


Fremont High School Culminating Presentations 2012

Culminating Ceremony: 2012 Summer Institute

Henry Sidle Sings “There’s a Way” and “The World As It Could Be” at GOTV 2012


Culminating Ceremony: Summer Institute 2011

Mandela High School Honors the UDHR

Arroyo High School Celebrates the UDHR

2011: Lesson Plans


The World As It Could Be: Scenes From the 2010 Summer Institute

The World As It Could Be: Mandela High School (2010)

Introduction to the Program


December 9, 2009–Arroyo High School

December 10, 2009 — Balboa High School


Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, 2008 [Video Archive]

TWAICB Reflections: Destiny Arts Youth Performers

TWAICB Reflections from the Creative Development Team


The World As It Could Be: A Declaration of Human Rights Performance, 2006 [Video Archive]


The Story of Human Rights

The World As It Could Be: Tree Ceremony

The World As It Could Be: Arroyo Classroom Excerpts

The World As It Could Be: Reflecting on Arroyo High School

Rosemary Blanchard on Why Human Rights Education Is Essential

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