Media and articles about the Program; Reflections by participating students and teachers on their experiences with the Program.

Breaking Through Limiting Narratives About The Worlds We Navigate: As Bob Marley’s Redemption Song Implores, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, only ourselves can free our minds!”

April 2023 Dear Friends and Colleagues, As I watch, read about or listen to various presentations of current events I often hear [...]


I Am Me And I Am Part of Us – Our Project with Cesar Chavez Elementary School 2nd Graders

Gaining more perspectives on being human December 22, 2022 Photograph of Natalia and her 2nd grade class at Cesar Chavez Elementary, December 2022 [...]


TWAICB is Published! We’re Chapter 14 of Mindful Social Studies – Frameworks for Social Emotional Learning and Critically Engaged Citizen

Recognition for helping prepare students with the content knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be equity-oriented and engaged citizens September 2022 Dear [...]

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