TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: We were so pleased to get the following message from Jill Smith about how her class at Balboa High School felt as a result of learning about human rights.

Hi Sandy,

I wanted to share something wonderful with you!  As you know, I was eager to teach about human rights this year in a way that left students empowered and not depressed.  I was able to get some student feedback using the sentence frame: 

Learning about human rights in this class made me feel ____________ because ___________________.

Here are the responses I got, grouped by theme…

….great because knowing our rights is important and I love the stories about UDHR.

….good because I can learn how the human rights can help me.

….better becauseI was able to learn more about my rights.

….good because I learned rights that I didn’t know apply to the whole world.

….happy because we have the right to know our rights

….good because I learned more about them.


….safe because in my country we never learned about the UDHR before.

….safe because I understand my rights.

….more safe because if someone does something to me I know I have these rights.

….safe because I can use that to protect myself

….safer because I can walk on the street knowing I’m safe.


….proud because I know about it.

….grateful because others in the world don’t have them.

….powerful because human rights really matter to us.

….excited because I know more about what rights we should have.

….educated because before I didn’t know much about the UDHR

….knowledgable because I didn’t know about it before

….informed because I didn’t really know much about it.

….satisfied because we get to do many valuable things to help society



(and my personal favorite!)


….visible because now know who I am and what I deserve.

Warm regards,


Jill Smith

ELD/ELA Teacher

Balboa High School