TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes:

In mid-July we shared Sting’s words: “We need a new version of the world, one based on empathy, on solidarity, one based on our common humanity.” Because I believe this vision is possible, I seek to work on it with you as part of The World As It Could Be program endeavors.

Some years back, Delaine Eastin, 1994-2003 California State Superintendent of Public Schools, implored us to care about the quality of our public education system, whether or not we have kids in school. After all, she asked, “Don’t we want the people maintaining the airplanes we fly, or driving the emergency vehicles we might be in, to have a solid, quality education that prepares them well?”  I’d add the following question: “Do we want people to see themselves and others as human beings, all deserving fairness and dignity?”

Just as quality education benefits all of us, so does incorporating Human Rights Education into the process because it serves as a vehicle for teaching empathy, the ability to grasp what others are experiencing,and compassion, which helps us care about and help address problems that others are experiencing.

My thoughts on this are in this post about Human Rights Education, spurred by our recent 3-day Institute as well as posts on the related concepts of Universe of Obligation and Social Emotional Learning. I invite you to read these posts, and to check out the videos of the culmination presentation done by our incredible group of Institute participants, and the Q&A session that followed. And, just below is a clip of teacher Tasha Pasternack reading her response to the question “If I Could Tell the World About Human Rights.”

How can you get involved?

• Tell people you know who are involved in education and/or youth services about our work, and suggest they contact us for resources to bring human rights education to their schools or organizations;

• Send us an email or post your thoughts on human rights education to help stir more awareness and conversation about how it can help bring about the world Sting describes;
• Consider a contribution of any amount to directly support our initiatives.

Thank you for being part of our endeavors to further the possibilities of The World As It Could Be!