We’re delighted to share with you this article in the Why Diversity? blog by INNOVATE Diversity founder Lina Buffington. As part of her Hack Diversity! series, Buffington interviews TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot about the program’s work, from TWAICB’s origins to its current work with youth in the San Lorenzo community.

“The most powerful thing about this project is that it motivates young people, whose voices are traditionally marginalized, to raise important questions about our world and their place in it,” Buffington reflects.  “They ask, what does it mean to have human rights — the right to an education, the right to equal protection of the law, the right to work…?  What does it mean to assert and defend these rights?  More importantly, the culminating presentation carves out a literal and figurative space in which they are able to publicly give voice to these questions, thereby becoming an integral part of the solution.”

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Update: Buffington also profiles TWAICB in The Soul of the Bay.