On July 12th and 13th we had the privilege of presenting information about The World As It Could Be program and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as part of the Spoken Word program of the Oregon Country Fair. The title of our presentation was “What Is the UDHR and Why Does It Matter?”

During the session, I provided background information on the history of the UDHR and then asked the people attending the session to read out each Article of the document. Posted here are video excerpts from the Saturday, July 12th session, featuring Carolyn Garcia and Bill Ayers reading selected Articles from the UDHR. You can also hear segments of the Q & A discussion that followed.

The Oregon Country Fair has provided an environment to enjoy creativity and positive connections since 1969. Following my first visit to the Fair in 2004, I was inspired to prepare the Rex Foundation newsletter Perspectives on Positive Culture in collaboration with Alan Trist, to help convey the Fair’s contributions to promoting the arts and culture, as well as demonstrating how many people can work together so effectively with dedication to community and generosity of spirit.

With deep thanks to everyone at the Oregon Country Fair for their work and the opportunity to be part of the 2014 Spoken Word program, I hope seeing these posted segments will encourage you to learn more about the UDHR and why its principles continue to matter today. Please check out our series on the Relevance of the UDHR today as food for thought.

Sandy Sohcot