DSAL Eden Night LiveTWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: Over these last few weeks, with so much distressing social turmoil swirling around us, I’ve been feeling that our efforts to communicate about the relevance of human rights principles is like a butterfly flapping its wings against the headwinds of a hurricane.

Then, Hilary Bass, Executive Director of DSAL (Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League) sent me this link  to the article about Eden Night Live, a recently launched DSAL initiative.

As I read about what was coming to life on a long-vacant lot, I thought about the Butterfly effect, the concept that a small action can have a large impact.

The positive community connections being generated each Eden Night Live are building on all that DSAL has been doing to bring about positive change, as described in Rex Foundation/The World As It Could Be Newsletter Perspectives on Social Change.

Just as a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a hurricane, so could this happening transform community dynamics, strengthening relations among public safety officers, youth, adults, business entities, community leaders and public officials so that they see each other as human beings connected and committed to advancing the health and vibrancy of their community – the very dynamics called for to address the complex issues of today.

With the transformational potential of Eden Night Live in mind, I’d like to imagine the butterfly of human rights breaking through the hurricane headwinds of divisive rhetoric to galvanize the positive, common good thinking and acting needed to address the challenges we face, with equality, justice and human dignity as a guide.

Butterfly art