We just completed our 7th 3-day Institute in collaboration with the University of San Francisco School of Education at Balboa High School in San Francisco, and we’d like to share with you the Culminating Presentation that took place on Day 3 of the Institute. Here are videos of the introduction and presentation, and the Q & A session that followed. (Also, check out these albums of still images from the Institute itself and the presentation.)

The three groups of Institute participants began preparing their presentations on the afternoon of Day 2.  The opening of the culminating presentation reflects each participant’s selected line from their writings in response to “If I Could Tell The World About Human Rights,” with several of the full writings presented in full at the end.  The following questions guided the development of the three major scenes of the presentation:

Scene 1: What does a human rights culture look like?

Scene 2: What does it mean to have the right to an education, as a teacher and as a student?

Scene 3: How are your rights connected to your responsibilities?

Thanks for taking the time to check out the inspiring scenes the participants created. We hope you can make use of these presentations in your personal and professional settings.

Watch the performance:

Watch the Q&A:


Other materials from the Institute:

If I Could Tell the World excerpts

Jill Smith: Teaching Human Rights Through the Arts at Balboa High School