We’re pleased to share with you these art works from  students at Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco, who explore the UDHR and human rights issues as part of their studies.  (See some earlier work from the school’s  students here.)

7th Grade Art / Wish Tree

Students in Pedro Mena’s art class screen printed tote bags to collect wishes from the school community. The wish bags were hung and placed around a Wish Tree with instructions inspired by artist Yoko Ono.

7th Grade Math / Enlargement Project

Students in May Wong, Joy Cooper, and Nelly der Kiureghian’s math classes nominated classmates they felt have worked to better the lives of others. Each student was given a 1-inch square portion of Eleanor Roosevelt’s portrait, sketched this image as an 8-inch square, and worked with her classmates to create a mosaic enlargement of this civil rights leader for the school’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly.