Our 8th 3-day Institute in collaboration with the University of San Francisco took place August 1-3 at Balboa High School in San Francisco. Once again, we had an outstanding group of participants that included teachers and community leaders. The photos and videos on this page show their commitment to learning about the UDHR and thoughtfulness about its continuing relevance, as they experienced different elements of our curriculum.

Here are a few of the compelling “Signs of Human Rights” participants created during the visual arts segment of Day 2 of the Institute, led by Natalia Anciso.

On the third day, the participants put on their culminating presentation,   which includes one of the Day 2 activities led by Tommy Shepherd of Alphabet Rockers, called Ultimate High Five, a deeply meaningful exercise to see people beyond their skin color. Watch Tommy’s creative way of guiding the activity,

as well as how one team demonstrated results.

You’ll also see how participants dramatized two of their personal stories about witnessing human rights being respected. And, during this segment, participants share their reflections on the prompt, “If I could tell the world about human rights…”

A major theme during the Institute was that knowing about human rights and the UDHR can help us develop greater empathy for others and the life stories they experience, as beautifully expressed by Rashida Head

and Monica Macaldo.