Each of our three Reclaiming Dignity events generated its own quality of spirit and creativity in connecting around the importance of the arts, as well as knowing that the rights spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are ours to experience just because we are human. We loved seeing inter-generational, multi-cultural connections around Virginia Jourdan’s art table, in creating our collective art piece, in taking in and valuing each other’s commentary, and enjoying singing together.

Virginia Jourdan’s Facebook Post, July 4th, 2018

Last July, Rashida Chase showed Ellen Sebastian Chang the Facebook post of Virginia Jourdan’s painting, “Dignity,” and Ellen then passed it along to me. Reclaiming Dignity came about because of the sharing of this one post and the collaboration between creative minds. Virginia, Ellen, Rashida and I generated a collective vision and plan to bring about Reclaiming Dignity, demonstrating the positive ripple effects of one click!

We look forward to what happens next!