At its annual conference in San Francisco last week, the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) unanimously approved the resolution attached below.

Rosemary Blanchard reports: “While it was up for discussion, four state affiliate representatives stood up and asked for their state to be listed as a co-sponsor. We are on a roll to bring into classrooms, schools and school districts ‘programs to integrate awareness of and respect for the dignity and essential humanity of all persons, to embrace and accept different origins, beliefs, statuses and characteristics within an environment of inclusion, support and tolerance and to guide students to develop an ethic of civic engagement that incorporates these values.’ As the resolution was presented and considered by the House of Delegates, four state affiliates of NCSS rose to ask to be listed as co-sponsors of this resolution. Not one person spoke against it.

“Help us make the vision within this resolution a reality in schools across the country. It’s time!”

Resolution on HRE adopted by NCSS