The National Council for the Teaching of Social Studies affirms that Human Rights Education, in both its civil and its humanitarian aspects, is a necessary element of social studies programs and should be integrated throughout the educational experience of all learners from early childhood through advanced education and lifelong learning.

The National Council for the Teaching of Social Studies (NCSS) has recently developed a Position Statement on the importance of Human Rights Education (HRE) to effective social and civic learning.

As a member of NCSS and its Human Rights Education Community, we are pleased to share this important document, which provides helpful information about the history of  human rights education. It also explains why HRE, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), is so vital to quality education and the healthy development of our youth.

We hope you will find the Position Statement helpful as a frame of reference for all that you do to help further human rights and awareness of the principles of the UDHR. Read the whole document here.