Lesson Plans 1 – 6 incorporate different creative arts strategies to achieve the Program’s learning objectives. The lesson plans are intended to be adaptable for use in and across Social Studies and Language Arts classes, as well as in Creative Arts classes and programs that seek to include a social justice focus. The lesson plans are designed to encourage a progression of learning that starts with objective knowledge, moves to personal connection to both human rights concepts and issues, and then engagement to play a role in advancing UDHR principles. Users of the curriculum are encouraged to decide on how to best incorporate the lesson plans in their schools and programs, whether across class years or in a selected class year, as well as to consider how to have the involved youth play a role in engaging the rest of their school and local community, so as to help raise greater awareness of and commitment to UDHR principles.

We are always interested in feedback, so please use the comments section below each lesson plan to share your experiences or suggestions for improvement!

Individual Lesson Plans