Our first 2015-16 session of The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH Rite of Passage focused on learning more of what our Rite of Passage is about, creating Agreements for our upcoming nine months together, and getting acquainted with each other.

Wall of circles The “wall” of pictures reflects the activity called “Getting to Know You,” shared by Eunice Shankland at a past ICA Facilitator’s Conference.  In the center circle, each of us drew something that represents us as an individual, and in the areas around the circle, we drew other illustrations of interests we have.

 Each participant then came up front to explain their illustrations and answer any questions.  This was a great way to share some of our personal stories and begin learning more about each other.

(Participants Vicky–seen here with Kevin from last year’s ROP class–and Nil, with their circles)