Rex Executive Director Sandy Sohcot says…

One of the Rex Foundation’s long-term goals is to be an impetus for positive social change, helping create a world in which every human being experiences equity, justice and personal dignity, and societies embrace the values that make that reality possible. The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Project seeks to promote what we see as two essential ingredients for that constructive social change:

  • That people of all ages realize that they can envision a global environment that is healthy, peaceful and sustainable, and that it is within their power as individuals to call upon their political leaders, if not to become such leaders themselves, to manage resources toward this end;
  • That they increase their understanding and awareness of what is meant by human rights for every person, and how they as individuals can make a vital contribution to their own human rights and those of others by their everyday actions.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted on December 10, 1948 by all members of the UN General Assembly, articulates a vision of a world where all human beings experience the rights that support life, liberty and human dignity. With the UDHR as its guide, The World As It Could Be Project’s overall strategy is to collaborate with community arts programs and schools to use creative arts-based learning models and youth-led original dramatizations to inspire youth and adults to help make the words of the UDHR a reality for everyone.

These documents describe the background of the project and the plans for building on the successes of the last five years of project work.  All of this work is possible because of the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and foundations.

Invitation to Support (pdf)
Project Impact (pdf)
Sponsor Response Form (pdf)

Look at what we’ve accomplished and our plans for the next year.  If you find yourself inspired, we’d love to have you join us as a supporter of The World As It Could Be.  Thank you!