On Monday, April 4th, Genice Jacobs of AbolitionistMom.org presented information on human trafficking to The World As It Could Be Is Within REACH Rite of Passage class.  

Genice Jacobs with anit-trafficking poster

Genice Jacobs of AbolitionistMom, seen with one of the group’s posers in Oakland.

This special session was the result of work done in previous sessions, in which participants  identified issues in the community that they felt needed to be addressed in order to realize UDHR Article 3, the right to life, liberty and security of person.  In late September, after introducing the youth to the UDHR, we asked them to identify which articles most resonated with them in connection with issues in their own community.  This discussion began the process of identifying  a Community Action Project that the youth could take on collectively.  As you can see, Article 3 garnered the most votes by a considerable margin.  We then asked the youth to identify the issues or examples of situations that were connected with Article 3,  in which prostitution was one area of great concern.

Ms. Jacobs talked about her own work against human trafficking in Oakland,  her experience of realizing the severity of the issue and then being compelled to raise awareness and advocate for needed policy and legislative changes. She also shared detailed information about factors that can lead people to falling prey to trafficking and prostitution, and ways in which young people can help others they think may be in trouble, and  be mindful for their own protection.She also provided contact information for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888.

Besides giving us invaluable information, Ms. Jacobs showed us by her own example how one person can make a positive difference by caring and acting.

AbolitionistMom.org offers a wealth of  anti-trafficking resources on its website that you can use in your own community.