2016 Rite of Passage

Participant Dasha Wright speaks about the education-related Community Action Project at the Rite of Passage ceremony.

As part of our discussions about Article 3, the right to life, liberty, and security of person, several Rite of Passage participants felt strongly about having a greater sense of personal security in their schools. They went on to develop a Community Action Program is to help identify ways to improve relations between students and teachers so that students are more fully and enthusiastically engaged in their education.

This document  describes the Survey project developed by the youth. The Teacher and Student versions of the survey were distributed to and completed by teachers and students at Arroyo and San Lorenzo High Schools. The results were tabulated and reported back to the administration and faculty at both schools.

The Arroyo High School team is planning to establish a student-teacher council at the start of the 2016-17 school year to work on strategies to address the issues raised by the survey results. At San Lorenzo High, a Social Justice team will review the survey during the summer to consider how to use the results in their work during the next school year.

We’re delighted to see participants connected how learning about and reflecting on the UDHR with real-life situations—and turned into concrete actions to contribute to the community.