David Gans introduces Henry Sidle, who sings his original compositions and talks about Rex’s work in human rights.

Henry says: “It was such an honor to be up on the Green Vibes stage a few weeks ago. Not only was it an amazing feeling to be sharing my music with fellow music lovers, but it was also an honor to represent the Rex Foundation. I have admired the Rex Foundations work for a long time and it was such a thrill to actually be part of it.

“The message of my new song ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ makes a lot of sense to me. I believe the world would be such a better place if people realized that if they have a will to do something good, then even small actions in their own community can end up leading to huge things. And I know it can be overwhelming for any one person to try and solve all of the human rights problems in the world, so if people just take small steps each and every day –things will get better. It felt great to stand in front of dozens of people and sing about this message. I felt so happy when I saw the audience listening so closely to the message, even though it was raining.

“It was so kind of Sandy Sohcot to give me this special opportunity. It was so kind of David Gans for all of his help over the weekend and to let me play my song on SIRIUS XM. And I also loved reprising my set and playing a couple of Dead songs with David Gans at the Teen Stage later in the evening. This was a great weekend and I look forward to continue spreading the message of ‘The World as it Could Be.'”

We’re especially delighted that, thanks to the kindness of Jack Baribault, we have this video to share with you!