continuing a series

During the culminating ceremony for our 2016 Summer Institute at Balboa High School, participants shared their thoughts on the subject “If I could tell the world about human rights…” Here, Harpreet Sangha shares her personal experience.

If I could tell the world about Human Rights, I would begin with talking about discrimination, especially based on physical appearance.

Being diagnosed with a chronic neurological condition at a young age makes me feel angry, yet appreciative at the same time. I initially thought it was unfair; however, after understanding the concept of uniqueness, I’ve given in to accepting that I HAVE this disease — “it” does NOT have me. 

I don’t appreciate it when individuals at hospitals automatically assume that it’s impossible for me to have the disease because of my age, or the infamous “you don’t look sick” phrase! Physical appearances should not be used to define the term “sick.” We must accept each other as human beings that are ALL entitled to Human Rights!