Rex Foundation Executive Director Sandy Sohcot says:

The following videos are from the December 16, 2012 Culminating Presentation produced by the students of Fremont High School (formerly Mandela High), in connection with their studies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and work with The World As It Could Be Program curriculum.

Under the leadership of teacher John Nepocumeno, as well as the involvement of other Fremont High faculty, the students created dramatic scenes to depict the types of human rights issues impacting their lives and those of others in their community.  The students carried out reading assignments connected with the study of the UDHR; they also  spent a great deal of time in class discussions to think through the best way to depict situations so as to not only raise awareness about the human rights issues, but also to stir thinking about how to address the issues.

The compelling concerns raised in these dramatizations are now inspiring follow-up work, including the special event on March 4th, to develop a process for continuing in-depth analysis and reflection on the issues behind the dramatizations. In this way, youth can help galvanize the thinking and change needed to move away from violence, toward a culture of peaceful conflict resolution and practice of the principles stated in the UDHR.

We are inspired by the work of John Nepomuceno and the students of Fremont High School as they help move us toward The World As It Could Be.


Skit 1

Skit 2