We would like to suggest to you – as teachers, students, organization leaders, friends, collaborators and supporters – the following ways to use personal, face-to-face connection to help focus on where we can make a difference:

  • Get together with people you know; your family, friends and neighbors. If possible, gather around a kitchen or dining table, to enjoy some food together;
  • Take some time to hear each other’s stories of their day;
  • Have some copies of the UDHR nearby for everyone to review;
  • Talk about what is a source of worry or angst for each person;
  • Agree on one or two areas of concern for focused discussion, and consider the following as possible questions to guide discussion and constructive action:
    • What human rights are involved in the focused area of concern? (Which UDHR Articles apply?)
    • Why are these human rights important for everyone to experience?
    • What are possible reasons underlying this area of concern?
      • What else do we need to know to help us answer this question?
    • What actions could be taken to help bring attention this area of concern from a human-rights perspective?
      • Who ought to know about this concern? What could we ask of these people?
    • What are possible next steps to take these actions, including how to stay connected over time?

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