Eden Night Live poster and lightsWe know that strong, healthy communities are essential for human rights, so we’re delighted to share this story of Eden Night Live, a community-building project at the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League. As DSAL executive director Hilary Bass explains, “We want to reduce the crime, and instead of just arresting people over and over again, we want to get to the root cause.

“People need jobs and need to be economically stable, and we all want to be in a community that’s livable and thriving, so when half of your storefronts are vacant, and there is little open space to enjoy, there’s not a lot of opportunity to be invested in your community.”

Every Friday and Saturday until October 8, Eden Night Live fills a long-vacant lot with food trucks, live music, and fun activities, creating an inviting gathering space.  “By creating a destination right there in the middle of our community, maybe pedestrians’ behavior changes, maybe people get accustomed to shopping locally and recognizing a new brand that really is of their neighbor,” says Bass. “We’re trying to build something that is really like a town plaza for the community to enjoy but that also really intentionally supports local businesses and new entrepreneur development.”

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