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Finding hope, inspiration, and perspective to stay engaged against overwhelming discouragement

March 2024 Dear Friends and Colleagues, A colleague recently brought to my attention a compelling, as well as disturbing, Instagram video. In it, author and journalist George M. Johnson (they/them) discusses the state of discouragement and despair that is felt by young, progressive voters [...]

Though, yes, there is “So much trouble in the world,” as sung by Bob Marley…

October 2023 We can gain clarity and resolve to move from hateful, divisive rhetoric toward actions that validate the strength of positive, human connections to generate healthful change Dear Friends and Colleagues, A dear friend sent me the video of Bob Marley’s So Much Trouble in the World [...]

Human Rights Education NOW! Episodes 9 & 10

Our director, Sandy Sohcot, was interviewed for Human Rights Educators USA's podcast Human Rights Education Now! In episodes 9 & 10, Sandy discusses HRE, her experiences with TWAICB, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, and thoughts on the future of human rights education and intersections with social justice movements [...]

Perspectives on the world as it is, and the world as it could be

May 2023 Dear TWAICB community, Greetings! This is Jazzmin. I am the Communications and Website Content Administrator for The World As It Could Be. I am responsible for a lot of the visual, social media, and website content you’ve seen over the past five years (if you [...]

Breaking Through Limiting Narratives About The Worlds We Navigate: As Bob Marley’s Redemption Song Implores, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, only ourselves can free our minds!”

April 2023 Dear Friends and Colleagues, As I watch, read about or listen to various presentations of current events I often hear the term “narrative” to help explain the what the particular news story is about. This has spurred my curiosity about just how various narratives influence [...]

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