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Best Wishes for a New Year Filled With the Will to Keep Moving Forward

As we learned from our youth: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way! December 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Earlier this month – December 7-8 – marked the 15th anniversary of the presentations of our first youth-created production The World As It Could Be – A Declaration [...]

From Futility to Possibility

Inspired by the Grateful Dead’s Playing in the Band 🎶 November 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, I’ve heard the Grateful Dead perform Playing in the Band many, many times.  Recently, while listening to a live-concert version, I heard one particular phrasing in a whole different light: Some [...]

A story about how one person’s actions can make a major difference

Mark Heutlinger next to the Harry T. Burleigh Place street sign Shown here is a photograph of my dear friend Mark Heutlinger, who in his professional life, is an Administrator for New York City’s Temple Emanu-El.  Mark is standing in front of the newly named Harry T. [...]

NCSS Human Rights Education Position Statement Revision (2021)

Human Rights Education: A Position Statement of National Council for the Social Studies Approved and published 2021 Learn about the inaugural statement here. Introduction The principles and practices of human rights support the universal values of equal justice, democracy, and dignity. Events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, [...]

A Perspective In honor of July 7th National Tell the Truth Day

Pursuit of the Truth: Can we make this go viral? July 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, Thanks to some clever work by National Today, we learned that this past July 7th was National Tell the Truth Day. This inspired some reflection on what Truth is all about [...]

“The America I Know”

Arroyo High School students reflect on their life experiences to cast a bright light on the different Americas of our time May 2021 Dear Friends and Colleagues, On April 14th juniors of the Arroyo High School Future Leaders of Social Change Small Learning Community presented their virtual [...]

Strange Fruit: The Power of Poetry, Music, and Solidarity

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights lays out the interdependent and interconnected nature of our rights and responsibilities as human beings. Through art, we can follow how our lives connect across generations, cultures, and geographic locations.  The story behind the famous protest song, Strange Fruit, first performed and made [...]

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