TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: This past Monday I visited with the Arroyo High School class that created and presented the December 15, 2015 Town Hall about the importance of the UDHR.  

Arroyo High School Know Yourself T-shirtI first asked them about how they arrived at the theme “Know Yourself. Find Your Voice. Take a Stand.” Student Armony Nelson-Posey noted that the Drake song “Know Yourself” provided initial inspiration, and then graciously posed for the photos at left that show the the front and back of the t-shirt the students designed for the Town Hall.  

Another student noted that each phrase is followed by a period to convey the process involved in achieving each level of action.

Finally,  I asked: “What are the main messages you would like to teach others in connection with your knowledge of the UDHR?”  The students responded:

  • Everyone deserves happiness.
  • No one should have to hide who they are.
  • Nobody should be seen as less than another person.
  • Labels don’t define you.

To me, these messages reflect the essence of what we all ought to heed to help realize the words of UDHR Article 1.