Beneath the Surface

On February 26th I visited with the Arroyo High School DPA (Developmental Psychology for Adolescents) class involved in creating and presenting the December UDHR Town Hall. I asked the students about how they came up with the theme “Beneath the Surface.” Several students spoke about how, as part of their learning about the UDHR, they wrote personal stories about situations where their human rights were impacted, and they connected these stories with one of more of the UDHR articles. (From the TWAICB Curriculum & Resource Guide, Lesson Plan 3.) They said that the process of sharing their stories helped them see each other as human beings, and that this was vital to acting with greater empathy and respect toward others. They wanted to bring this experience to the Town Hall, to demonstrate the importance of getting “beneath the surface” and share one’s vulnerabilities so that others could gain the empathy and understanding needed to further human rights.

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