Voices of witness participants, adults and teens

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: We are pleased to highlight Voice of Witness and its Education Program as a TWAICB Education Partner.  I have known about Voice of Witness since 2011, when, as Executive Director of the Rex Foundation, I brought forward the organization for consideration of a Rex grant that was provided during that year.  

Voice of Witness uses the power of story telling to help bring to light the human rights issues faced by people locally and globally.  Their educational programs not only nurture constructive thinking on how to address the issues faced by the storytellers, but also advance literacy and critical thinking.  

We know that Voice of Witness programs also raise awareness about the UDHR, as they connect the issues being portrayed with the associated UDHR Articles, helping articulate the human rights that are directly impacted in the related stories.  We look forward to all the good that can result from our collaboration!