Natalia Anciso demonstrates the positive impact of using the arts, play and teaching of the UDHR with second graders

Natalia Anciso has been part of TWAICB since 2011.  First, as a participant in our 3-day Institute to learn about the UDHR and TWAICB curriculum, Natalia then became part of our Institute presenting team.  Natalia has offered her visual arts talents and expertise to provide participants their own experience of using visual arts to express […]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

(Plain Language Version) Article 1. Everyone is born free and equal. Article 2. Everyone has all the rights in this document regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or nationality. Article 3. Everyone has the right to live, to be free and to feel safe. Article 4. No one can be put in slavery. Article 5. No […]

Before You Act, Do This

With Internet-based media as an ever-increasing source of information, it is challenging to determine what is factually based data and news rather than inflammatory language and images designed to manipulate our responses. Vital to our ability to actively participate in democratic processes, as spelled out in Article 21 of the UDHR, is that we act on […]

Resources to Be Well Informed

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