Continuing Relevance of the UDHR

Natalia Anciso demonstrates the positive impact of using the arts, play and teaching of the UDHR with second graders

Natalia Anciso has been part of TWAICB since 2011.  First, as a participant in our 3-day Institute to learn about the UDHR and TWAICB curriculum, Natalia then became part of our Institute presenting team.  Natalia has offered her visual arts talents and expertise to provide participants their own experience of using visual arts to express […]

The Crossing Borders Project | Introduces C-Jam (Communities Joining for Art And Murals) To Encourage Connection, Compassion & Care

Earlier this year we presented information on The Columbus Crossing Borders Project. Columbus Crossing Borders is a nonprofit consisting of 34 painters and a film crew using art to inspire critical thinking, compassion and support for the millions of refugees in our world.  Created in response to anti-immigration sentiments and racism, this project tours as an […]

A Perspective on U.S. Exit from the UN Human Rights Council: The Impact on Hope

By Sandy Sohcot The focus of The World As It Could Be Program is raising awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and its continuing relevance to help bring about equality, justice and dignity for all people.   We have carried out this work the last 12 years because we have witnessed the positive […]

ROP Students Launch ‘Radical Red’ Project

ROP Students Launch ‘Radical Red’ Project

In early December 2017, the Arroyo Rite of Passage class participants began the process of identifying their Community Action Project. The first class discussion centered on selecting the three UDHR Articles they associated most closely with community issues that concerned them. The result of this discussion is illustrated in this document titled Priority UHDR Articles […]

Student Wins Honor for UDHR-Themed Art

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot says: We’re delighted to hear from colleague Pedro Mena that Siddharth A., one of the students in his UDHR-themed art program at Columbus Academy, received a Scholastic Art Award for  his UDHR-inspired art. We’re delighted to share Pedro’s letter and Siddarth’s work. We’re inspired by his depth of thought and the way he depicts […]

Crossing Borders: Human Dignity and the Refugee Experience

When our educator colleague Pedro Mena recently shared his “Human Rights on Record” art project, he also introduced us to Laurie VanBalen, a colleague from Columbus, Ohio. As seen in the documentary Breathe Free,  Laurie started the Columbus Crossing Borders Project as a way to raise awareness of the stories behind the many refugees arriving in the […]

Inspiration to Speak Up and Foster Positive Public Dialogue

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: Following recent events in Charlottesville and the subsequent responses from the president, we posted via Facebook and Twitter about how the Universe of Obligation could be an inspiration to speak up, as described in this blog post.  We also shared this link to our Resources for Speaking Up, which we hope you’ll find helpful. The Universal Declaration […]

Scenes From the Summer Institute, 2017

As part of this year’s Summer Institute, participants created “Signs of Human Rights,” depicting what, in their view, human rights are all about.

Future Leaders Go to Washington, Part 2

Future Leaders Go to Washington, Part 2

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot reports: As part of preparing for the AFSC Youth Summit, the three students (Raychelle Castillo, Justice Wurnitsch-Hogan, and Yennhi Le) wrote essays about the human rights issues  of concern to them in their communities. Then they prepared Issue Outlines on Homelessness, Human Trafficking, and Security of Person, based on their essays, […]

TWAICB at the Oregon Country Fair July 8

TWAICB at the Oregon Country Fair July 8

Watch the video! Join Everyone Orchestra Conductor Matt Butler and TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot at the Oregon Country Fair at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 8 to learn more about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), along with stories and musical beats about the essence of these rights – kindness, equality, justice, and dignity, […]