Painting "Reclaiming Dignity" by VIRGINIA JOURDAN

RECLAIMING DIGNITY: February 14th, 21st & 23rd

Join Us February 14th, 21st & 23rd! Exhibiting Virginia Jourdan’s painting series inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) & Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration! Learn more about the UDHR Enjoy the spark of compelling & beautiful art for action & positive change Experience ways to manifest the UDHR in small […]

ROP class with Radical Red boxes

ROP Students Launch ‘Radical Red’ Project

In early December 2017, the Arroyo Rite of Passage class participants began the process of identifying their Community Action Project. The first class discussion centered on selecting the three UDHR Articles they associated most closely with community issues that concerned them. The result of this discussion is illustrated in this document titled Priority UHDR Articles […]

TWAICB Institute – Small Places, Close to Home

On March 17, 2018, TWAICB hosted “Small Places, Close to Home,” a one-day institute on the UDHR.  Presenters shared information about the history and importance of the UDHR, and participants joined group activities, including the use of these forms  to identify human rights issues being honored or dishonored in their communities, and possible positive actions […]

Arroyo High School 2017 Town Hall: We All Bleed Red

On December 19, 2017, the DPA (Developmental Psychology of Adolescents) Class of the Arroyo High School Future Leaders of Social Change Small Learning Academy presented their annual Town Hall on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The theme  was We All Bleed Red. Students explained that they chose this theme to convey that all […]

Human rights on record album cover art

Human Rights on Record: Art With a Conscience

We were delighted to get this update from longtime TWAICB colleague Pedro Mena about his art education work at Columbus Academy in Columbus, Ohio. In 8th grade Art at Columbus Academy this year, students are choosing an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and creating a print based on its statement.  The Human Rights on […]

Sandy Sohcot, Matt Butler, et al., Oregon Country Fair 2017

What Do Human Rights Sound Like?

At the Oregon Country Fair on July 10, 2017, TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot and Everyone Orchestra Conductor Matt Butler led a reading and discussion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Watch the video, courtesy of Mark Egber! Sandy says:  “We had a great audience who got into an interactive discussion after the read-thru in […]

Sandy Sohcot with Future Leaders and Congressman Eric Swalwell

Future Leaders Go to Washington, Part 2

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot reports: As part of preparing for the AFSC Youth Summit, the three students (Raychelle Castillo, Justice Wurnitsch-Hogan, and Yennhi Le) wrote essays about the human rights issues  of concern to them in their communities. Then they prepared Issue Outlines on Homelessness, Human Trafficking, and Security of Person, based on their essays, […]

Balboa TWAICB performance 2006

Consider This:
Human Rights as a “Rising Tide” to Float All Boats

TWAICB Director Sandy Sohcot writes: Ten years ago, the desire to bring to life the concept of human rights as a connector of many worthy endeavors to improve people’s lives launched The World As It Could Be Program (TWAICB). One big inspiration was the Grateful Dead song “Uncle John’s Band“:  “Come hear Uncle John’s Band by the […]

About the Program

The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program (TWAICB) is an outgrowth of a series of successful initiatives carried out since 2006 to inspire people of all ages to take actions, large and small, that lead to equality, justice and dignity for all. These initiatives use the creative arts to deepen learning about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR); they give participating youth the voice to teach their peers and adults about the importance of the UDHR principles.

With the depth and breadth of positive impacts from the last ten years of work, the Program endeavors to widely distribute its high school curriculum that integrates the creative arts and a culminating celebratory presentation, and, consistent with the Common Core curriculum standards, promotes in-depth learning and critical thinking skills. With The World As It Could Be Is Within Reach, a rite of passage for youth in the Eden area of Alameda County, California, we endeavor to offer a model of positive initiation of youth that can be replicated in many communities. TWAICB also seeks to utilize its growing library of videos of student presentations and commentary about the UDHR to raise awareness and spur dialogue about the continuing relevance of the UDHR as part of enhancing the social emotional learning of youth, promoting positive community and civic engagement, and creating a culture of thinking and acting that fosters equality, justice and human dignity for all people.

As part of carrying out its initiatives, the Program seeks to contribute multiple levels of benefits beyond providing quality educational experiences and raising awareness about the UDHR by:

  • Encouraging people to know that their community involvements are vital to democracy;
  • Showcasing the importance and value of the creative arts as part of a quality education, as well as contributing to overall personal development and a vibrant culture;
  • Engaging youth, particularly those impacted by challenging socio-economic issues, such as widespread violence and injustices in their immediate communities, to pursue learning, critical thinking and positive social interactions;
  • Encouraging youth who are often marginalized due to learning or physical differences to enjoy participation in school-wide events;
  • Integrating human rights principles as part of public safety practices;
  • Engaging the broader community to support and celebrate accomplishments of youth.


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